Doprava od 2500 Kč je zdarma

About us

Adda is an Israeli lifestyle brand of textured silver jewelry with natural minerals. Jewelry is made in traditional Mediterranean design with unique stones.

These stones are mined for us all over the world, the main suppliers of minerals are the Urals, Transbaikalia, the Kola Peninsula. Each gemstone is handcrafted by talented artisans.

We use only natural, not ennobled in color stones. Combining bright minerals with Israeli silver and authentic design, we got our own unique voice.

The main line is complemented by textured silver minimalism, which is specially created for multi-layer combinations. Stylish urban ethnicity - this is how we define our style.

What is ADDA?

This is a female name, and we associate it with our customer - a bright and cheerful girl who is not afraid to live by her own rules. There is also a consonant word in Hebrew, which briefly describes the moment of putting on jewelry. For us, this is very symbolic, because the real value of ADDA jewelry is in the emotions that they bring to the life of their owners. In the stories with which they become connected. In that mood of strength and lightness, which is so easily “anchored” in ADDA jewelry.