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Oválný přívěsek z horského křišťálu na řetízku (dvoubarevný)

A unique sophisticated bicolour necklace, complemented by a natural stone - rock-crystal of the color of pure sky.

· 925 sterling silver chain with gilding
· natural semi-precious stone - rock crystal*

*Gold-filled jewelry is jewelry composed of a solid layer of Gold mechanically bonded to a base of base metal. Gold-filled jewelry is susceptible to contact with water and creams and may wear off. We ask you to take good care of your gold-filled jewelry.

*Each product made of this type of stone has its own unique color scheme. Therefore, the color saturation and pattern of each piece is unique and may differ from that shown in the image
! You can always request more photos of the variant we have in stock in the chat on our contacts.

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