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Warranty Terms

Eden gems warranty conditions

Eden gems provides a full statutory warranty against manufacturing and material defects for genuine Adda brand products purchased at Eden gems' own stores (including online stores). The warranty applies only to damage which, in Eden gems' opinion, has not been caused by accident or improper use, normal wear and tear, modification, attempted repair, negligence or failure to follow Eden gems' specific product care instructions. You can read the recommended care procedures here at any time. Any item found to be defective under warranty may, at the discretion of Eden gems:

  1. Replaced with an identical item if available;
  2. Replaced by an item of comparable value;

Damaged goods should be returned to the Eden gems store. Warranty service is provided free of charge. Keep your proof of purchase or delivery, proof of gift or certificate of authenticity in case you need to make a warranty claim. The document or certificate is used to confirm the purchase and the authenticity of the purchased goods and the right to a warranty. These warranty conditions apply if other specific warranty conditions do not apply to specific goods. The company Eden gems reserves the right at any time at its own discretion to make changes or modifications to the warranty conditions that will be valid for the future. The warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

The warranty covers the repair of accessories (chains, locks, buckles, rings, etc.), damaged stones cannot be replaced.

Loss or damage to jewelry due to improper care or storage is not covered by the warranty.

Jewelry repair is done within 3 months. Every working day from 12:00 to 19:00 you can leave your jewelry for repair at the Adda Prague store.

Proof of purchase

Keep the invoice or receipt as proof of purchase.

For goods purchased in a brick-and-mortar store, the cashier's receipt serves as proof of purchase, which will also be required when claiming the warranty.

Store it carefully.

For goods purchased from an online store, the proof of delivery serves as a guarantee. A certificate is also issued for the online order.

For all online purchases, if you want to claim the goods using a warranty, etc., you must provide an invoice or proof of delivery.


Jewelry oven recommended

All Adda fashion jewelry is made using traditional methods and therefore requires very gentle handling. Therefore, special care is necessary. Please observe the following care instructions:

  1. Store jewelry separately in its original packaging or in a soft case to prevent damage.
  2. Polish the jewelry often with a lint-free cloth to keep its original sparkling appearance.
  3. We recommend that you always put on jewelry at the end, as a final addition to the outfit.
  4. Remember to remove your Adda jewelery before washing your hands, swimming and using products such as perfume, hairspray, soap or body lotion. Such products can damage the metal and cause the crystal to change color or lose its sparkle. Avoid contact of jewelry with water, cosmetics (such as cream, spray, hairspray, perfume, etc.), household chemicals. So they will please you longer!
  5. Be careful of contact with objects that could scratch or chip the mineral.
  6. To care for silver, use professional jewelery cosmetics: cleaning agents, polishing wipes. There are tools for both silver and gold plating.
  7. Jewelry without stones should be thoroughly rinsed with running water after cleaning, wiped dry and wiped with a napkin.
  8. Clean jewelry with stones so that the product does not get on the stone: the consequences of the chemical reaction can permanently destroy the natural stone!
  9. After cleaning, wipe the stone jewelry with a damp cotton swab / stick to remove excess product. Water should not get on the stones!
  10. This is especially true for rings with light and transparent stones (rock crystal, rose quartz, etc.), it is STRICTLY IMPOSSIBLE to get them wet! The tarnishing of the silver that appears on the base from the water will be visible through the transparent stone, it will appear cloudy and unfortunately there is no way to fix it.
  11. Do not store silver and gold plating together, this will oxidize the metal.
  12. Do not carry jewelry in a bag/pocket without a protective bag/box/holder etc.
  13. Before you put the jewelry in the box, don't forget to clean it.

Jewelry with moving elements

Some jewelry from the Adda collection contains moving parts. We recommend cleaning them regularly to maintain their ability to dance freely.

The warranty applies to free jewelry cleaning at all Adda and JerusalemBazar stores without limitation.