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Repairs and replacements

Can my item be repaired?

Please take your item, together with proof of purchase, to the Eden gems store (Adda Prague), where they will be happy to help you and assess the item.​

​If you discover a defect that is judged to be covered by the warranty, you will be offered an exchange or repair.​

​If the damage is not covered by the warranty, you may be offered a repair for a fee.​

Please note that even if you do not have proof of purchase, or the item is out of warranty, we can still offer you a repair for a fee.​

Can I send my product directly to a repair center?

We currently do not offer the option of sending products directly to our repair center for repair.

Please take your item, together with proof of purchase, to the Adda Prague store, where they will be happy to help you and assess the item.

Repair Policy

Eden Gems offers a full statutory warranty on goods purchased from Eden gems. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and material defects that become apparent during normal wear and use of the product. Any defective product within the warranty period will be reviewed and assessed by our technical experts. Depending on the circumstances, the product will be repaired, exchanged for the same product or replaced with a product of comparable value. Unfortunately, in the event of a replacement, Eden gems cannot guarantee that customers will receive the exact same product or design. Eden gems shall not be obliged to repair, replace or replace any goods which, in the opinion of the company, have been subject to accident, normal wear and tear, abuse, tampering, attempted repair, negligence or improper use. If a product is not covered by Eden gems' warranty terms, the company may offer a repair for a fee. Please note that a defective product can only be repaired in the following cases:

  1. The product is genuine Adda jewelery purchased from Eden gems with Adda logo.
  2. Repair is feasible - it must be possible to return the jewelry to its original, pristine condition.
  3. Replacement parts are still available (they usually aren't if the jewelry has already been discontinued). If you would like to exchange or repair the product, bring it in the original packaging to the Adda Prague store.

Repair service is not available for Adda products that have been purchased abroad.